The Dairy Download

Ep. 17 - We All Scream For Ice Cream!

May 20, 2021 IDFA Season 2 Episode 9
The Dairy Download
Ep. 17 - We All Scream For Ice Cream!
Show Notes

Temperatures are warming up. Time for flip flops, swimming pools and your favorite frozen treat. In the latest episode of The Dairy Download, we talk about the pints, gallons and other novelties sure to be popular this summer.

Visiting us first is Denise Leathers, editor at Frozen and Refrigerated Food Buyer magazine. She discusses the trends and changes she’s seen in ice cream consumption over her 25 years covering the food industry. And she gives us the scoop on plant-based treats.

Joining next is Mike Wells, CEO of Wells Enterprises. The company’s Blue Bunny brand has become a staple in freezers across the country and a favorite during the pandemic. Will those trends continue? Wells dishes on the future of ice cream.

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