The Dairy Download

Ep. 55 - Food as Medicine

August 02, 2023 IDFA Season 7 Episode 8
The Dairy Download
Ep. 55 - Food as Medicine
Show Notes

Eat your vegetables. Drink your milk. You’ll grow big and strong! Children often hear these adages at the dinner table. But how much do we tailor our food to benefit our health? Can up-and-coming food trends – such as clean label, all-natural products – heal and boost our bodies? In the latest episode of The Dairy Download, we speak with two leaders on the cutting edge of food as medicine.

First up is Dr. Marc Watkins, Chief Medical Officer with Kroger. Is it possible to get nutritional advice and healthy food all in one grocery run? How are retailers promoting healthy choices as you browse the aisles? Dr. Watkins weighs in.

Next, we’re joined by Robert Jones, Founder and CEO of Roots Food Group. Between yearly physicals and dental cleanings, Americans are familiar with preventative medical care. But what about preventative foods? Can our diets be catered to keep us out of doctors’ offices? Jones sheds light on the topic and his company’s offerings.

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