The Dairy Download

Ep. 52 - Out to Eat: Restaurant Trends and Issues

April 21, 2023 IDFA Season 7 Episode 5
The Dairy Download
Ep. 52 - Out to Eat: Restaurant Trends and Issues
Show Notes

Whether it’s a slice of pizza or a prime-cut steak, whether it’s served on a white tablecloth or in a cardboard box, restaurant food has become a staple of American diets.  But even with pandemic shutdowns and restrictions primarily in the rearview, food service still faces obstacles to attracting diners. In the latest episode of The Dairy Download, we speak with two experts about the current state of the restaurant business.

First up is Jonathan Maze, Editor-in-Chief of Restaurant Business. While inflation is a hot topic, data suggests it may be taking a relatively moderate bite out of consumers’ food service budgets. So, where are consumers spending their restaurant dollars? And what’s the next big thing coming to the industry? Maze weighs in.

Next, we speak with Tim Powell, Managing Principal with FoodService IP. Looking beyond traditional restaurants, food service remains hot in establishments like colleges, hospitals and senior living. What does consumption look like in those facilities? And where else are diners going to pick up a bite to eat? Powell discusses those topics and more.

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