The Dairy Download

Ep. 51: The State of the Ag Economy

March 24, 2023 IDFA Season 7 Episode 4
The Dairy Download
Ep. 51: The State of the Ag Economy
Show Notes

Banking failures. Interest rate hikes. Market turmoil. Recent headlines are fueling anxiety around the economy. How are these fears seeping into the agricultural industry? In the latest episode of The Dairy Download, we’re joined by two experts who map out the state of the ag economy.

First up is John Newton, Chief Economist with the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry. Farmers are facing increased expenses amid interest rate hikes and elevated input costs. What steps are lawmakers taking to ease the pressure? Will the new Farm Bill include any additional assistance? Newton discusses those topics and more.

Next, we speak with Vince Bailey, Chief Credit Officer with Farm Credit Mid-America. Profits are always top of mind for producers and ag businesses. How are factors like land values, equipment costs and higher interest rates impacting bottom lines? Is recent turmoil impacting farmers’ appetite for risk? Bailey sheds light on those issues and others.

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