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Ep. 45 - Signals of a Recession?

December 02, 2022 IDFA Season 6 Episode 6
The Dairy Download
Ep. 45 - Signals of a Recession?
Show Notes

From rampant inflation to interest rate hikes, from a strong U.S. dollar to volatile equity markets, many are monitoring and bracing for a potential recession. What could that mean for your wallet? And how might dairy demand be impacted? Two analysts join the latest episode of The Dairy Download to discuss.

Income, spending, employment and pay are among the watch factors analysts monitor when forecasting recessions. Michael Swanson, Chief Ag Economist with Wells Fargo, tells us how the U.S. economy stacks up in each category – and which wild cards to keep an eye on.

Next, we discuss consumers’ return to brick-and-mortar locations – and whether high prices are threatening to keep them home again. Where are consumers cutting back, and which categories are still earning their dollars? RJ Hottovy, Head of Analytical Research with, weighs in.

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